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Discovering your Preferences

Discover your preferences

Many times the everyday stressors of life are because we have chosen, consciously or unconsciously, or we have been forced to perform our daily chore(s) in a manner that goes against our personality preferences.  This is the first of a 4-part series that will give you insight to the discovery of your preferences.

Throughout this series, I will be giving you an either or choice.  Where the choice or preference may be one or the other I want to make it quite clear that neither is right and neither is wrong – it’s just a preference – both are good.


Part 1 – Refueling your Energy Tank

How do you refuel your energy tank?  Do you get energy by going out with friends, having lots of activity with people?  Or, do you get your energy by being alone, listening to the birds sing in your backyard, or reading a good book?

We tend to think of people as either outgoing or timid / shy.  This may be their behavior but it may not be their preference.  Other titles given to these differences is extrovert or introvert and equate each with liking people or not liking people.  Here and now I want to dispel that myth.  Introvert and Extrovert are about how we refuel our energy tank, and not how much we like people.

When you’re invited to a party do you:

A – Get excited, immediately respond and put it on your calendar

B – Push the invitation aside wondering how you might get out of the function.

If you chose A then you probably refuel your energy tank by being with people and having lots of conversation and activity.  If you chose B then you probably refuel your energy tank by staying home and reading a good book.

It is vitally important to understand our preference here because if we don’t refuel, our energy tanks are empty and the stress can be debilitating.  By knowing how we need to refuel we can compensate for the times when we need to live outside of our preference.

If you work in an office with lots of other people and you are an introvert, who needs refueling by being alone, you’ll be tired at the end of the day and want nothing more than to go home and open your book.  The same is true for the extrovert who has a job confined to private office, you’ll need to go out for dinner with friends at the end of the day to refuel.

The point of this discovery is to understand which “gas” station you need to visit in order to refuel – the dinner with friend’s station, or the good book station.

Choose the right “gas”!

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