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My Journey to Health

journey to health

Before I get into the journey I want to make the connection with how this fits into self-awareness and spirituality, which are the cornerstones of my work.  When our physical health is highly efficient we are able to open up, listen, build relationships, and get in touch with our inner voice, our Soul.  So getting physically healthy was what I needed to grow and renew my life.


I was healthy until age 25 and then it seems my body started misfiring and health problems arose.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say I was always operating on what felt like the last ounce of strength.  Of course, I sought medical help and treatment, but nothing seemed to work, so I started my own research and the journey to health and wellness began.

It was a long journey, I tried lots of alternative therapies, they helped me to feel better but didn’t really change the situation.  In 2010 I found an internal medicine doctor who treated patients with natural remedies.  It wasn’t long after that I began to feel like a human being again.  So what changed?  I was given IV Vitamin C therapy 2 – 3 times per year and prescribed a natural form of Thyroid medicine and began getting my hormones balanced and the healing began.  From there I have continued the IV Vitamin C therapy and added a host of supplements and vitamins to my daily routine and began to weed out the chemicals and processed foods from my diet, and continued with regular exercise.

The last of the health puzzle was the extra weight.  Over the years I had gained 30 pounds, that’s an average of 10 pounds per decade.  No matter what I did I just couldn’t lose the weight.  Last year I decided to try the Plexus products.  I started with the probiotic because I had been reading a lot about gut health and inflammation.  I had taken other probiotics, they made a difference but when I began with the Plexus product I really saw a change.  From there I added the Bio-Cleanse product and the slim (the pink drink).  I drink the pink drink in the morning before breakfast and what happens is amazing.  My blood sugar levels are regulated, my cravings are gone, and my appetite is normal again.  I have lost inches and a few pounds after only 2 months.  I feel better now than I did at 24.

Alternative therapies are viable options each of us needs to explore on our journey to health and wellness.  Many of the therapies were not covered under my health plan, but the up side is I’m healthy and I can’t put a price tag on health.  Because my physical body is functioning at a higher level it opens the door to gaze into the inner self and live from the inside out.

Take time to investigate alternative therapies – You’re Worth It!

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