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Advent Blog Week 4: Love


Conditional love and Unconditional love.  Which of these do you have in your life? I pray you can answer both.

We all have conditional love in our lives. You know those individuals who seem to love you as long as you think, act, and speak the way they believe one should think, act, or speak. I’m not sure I can call that love. For me this feels like these individuals are using me instead of loving me.

Unconditional love on the other hand is when someone loves me with all my goodness and all my warts. Their friendship and love are beside me through thick and thin, no matter what takes place in my life.

Does that mean they always like my actions and words? No – but they always love me. The love we celebrate during this week is the unconditional love of God. We celebrate the birth of this love each year during the Christmas season. This type of love is an action word – it’s a verb, not a noun.

In an effort to begin to understand this type of love I’d like to ask you this one question.

Who in your life loves you the most?

Once you answer this question multiply that love to an infinite number and that’s how much God loves you. That’s a little hard to comprehend and at the same time it’s very comforting.

As we move closer to the birth of Jesus think about this love God has for you and how you bring this love to your world. This is the meaning of Christmas! Merry Christmas and I wish you all many blessings of love through the season and for the new year!

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  1. Millen says:

    LOVE is the essence of our being and true love is UNCONDITIONAL. I love God, myself and my family, my friends and clients, nature and my country.

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