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Conflict in the Workplace

Do you sometimes feel like you’re running a complaint department?

Are you always trying to settle arguments and disagreements in the workplace or at home?

Do you wish you had one day where you could have everyone get along – just one day?

There are 168 hours in a week and we spend at least 40 of those hours in the workplace.  If you are the owner or an executive, then you probably spend more than 40 hours on work each week.  At 40 hours, we only have 72 waking hours per week with our family and friends.  I give you these stats so you can see why we have conflict within the workplace and why it’s important to handle it properly.  Wherever two or more are gathered we will have conflict at some point and to some degree.

Within all conflict there is an element of anger and underlying all anger is an insecurity within all parties involved in the conflict.  That insecurity is the crux of the conflict and each of us must dig deep to figure out what part we play in the conflict.  Conflict takes at least 2 people and if both parties participate in the conflict then each has an insecurity.  At times, it may look like one is right and the other is wrong, however, each is playing a part in the conflict simply because of the competition.

There are many levels of conflict and therefore many solutions.  For a simple conflict the solution is a matter of one or more parties reflecting on how they are participating in the conflict and why.  They must answer the question, what underlying fear or insecurity is feeding the conflict?  Once this question is answered then the individual has the choice to continue feeding the conflict or to resolve it through letting go of their own insecurity or fear.

In the next blog post we’ll talk about the more complex conflicts and one way to resolve them and move on.  In the meantime, take time to reflect on yourself and the conflict where you may be engaged.  Resolve the conflict and learn a little more about yourself – You’re Worth It!

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