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detachment and free will“The only real relationship is a non-relationship”.   Thich Nhat Hanh

What? Well, that just doesn’t make any sense – or does it?

The real question to ask is what attachment do I have to the person, place, or thing.  If we are honest with ourselves we will be able to see that we do, in fact, have attachments other than Love to each person, place, or thing in our lives.

“The only real relationship is a non-relationship” is a statement of unconditional love.  In order to give unconditional love we have to totally detach from any illusions we may have for our wants and needs of the person, place, or thing.  In other words, what is our ego attachment to the person, place, or thing.

  • How does the person, place, or thing make me feel better about myself?
  • Do I have my house and all inside of it because it is necessary for living life?
  • OR, Do I have my house because it proves to others how successful/important/popular/loveable, etc I am?

We can substitute people, places, and/or things into this question to determine how much attachment and detachment we have to all of the people and/or items in our lives.  Yes, we have relationships with items, with things.  Relationships with things is where our society has placed importance and is what depletes Love in our society.  The cure is for each of us to do an inventory of our relationship attachment to all of the things in our life.  This will open our hearts to all of life and bring true unconditional Love into the world.

Our Creator gave each of us free will at the time of our creation.  With free will we are allowed to make decisions for ourselves without regard to the effect on our relationship with Our Creator.  And yet, our Creator loves us unconditionally.  Our Creator created each of us with Love, through Love, and then detached in order to give us free will.

That detachment is the ultimate act of Love.

Can we Love as our Creator Loves?

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