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Head or Heart (Discovering Your Preferences Part 3)


head or heartHave you ever thought about where you make your decisions?  From your head or from your heart?

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and felt like they were going overboard on the compassion or maybe they didn’t have any compassion at all?

Don’t take this personal – we all make our decisions based on the head or the heart.  Those of us who make decisions from the heart seem to have more compassion than those who make decisions from the head.  However, let me say we need both types of decision makers.  The heart decision makers need the head decision makers to balance or they’ll be giving away the baby and the bathwater.  On the other hand the head decision makers need the heart decision makers in order find the balance in black and white.  We all know life is neither black nor white, therefore, they’re a lot of “gray” areas in life.  The heart people can live in that “gray” space, where it is very difficult for the head people to go there.  “Gray” space is very difficult for the head people.

So, why does this matter?  It matters so we can understand ourselves and discount the nasty remarks we hear from people when we don’t agree with their way of thinking.

It matters so each of us can learn to love ourselves and see the gifts we bring to the world.

Head thinkers are not hard hearted – they see the facts of the situation and base their decision on the facts.

Heart people are not softies – they feel the feelings of the situation and those involved in it and want to make the situation better.

Our conflicts come about when we are not able to see these differences and expect someone else to think like we do and in some instances, we may try to conform to fit in.  That only leads to conflict within ourselves.

Becoming aware of where our decisions come from – heart or head- allows us to let go of the inner conflict and the conflict with others.  Becoming aware allows us to not take “it” so personally.

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