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Ideas from the Night

ideas in the night

This is time spent with God – that part of God that lives in me.  If I’m open – If I believe then just as Joseph, I receive messages from God. Those ideas, dreams, longings – as long as they are filled with love they are from God.  If they are not completely of love they are from the ego – the earthly side of my self.

The journey is determined by what I do with those ideas.  I can turn an idea from God into an earthly venture simply by how I go about handling the implementation.  So, what started as an idea from God now becomes tainted with the ego and is no longer from God, now it is from the ego self.  Remember EGO means easing God out.  I always have free will to choose love or fear.

Let’s look at an example:

A person wakes up with a wonderful idea of an invention that has the capacity to make life more peaceful and harmonious for others.  The individual says, “Wow! This is a great idea I can make a lot of money doing this”. Now we have just tainted the idea. This is normal behavior for us humans. We can’t do any better.

So how do we get around this?

We take the emphasis off of the money and put it on the goodness of the project – the betterment of the world and all that live in the world.  It always has to be about building LOVE – the kingdom of God.  The money that comes in is a by-product of the real reason for the invention/project.

Imagine what our world would be like if the emphasis changed from how much money can I make to how much love can I bring into the world?

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