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What is Soul?

In my last post, I spoke of what is soulsoul.  We’ve all heard the word but;

What is soul?  Traditionally we’ve been taught that the soul is something that lies between understanding and the unconscious.  I personally like to think of the instrument of the soul as imagination.  It is in the imagination that I can connect with my soul.  Soul is not a thing.  Soul is the way I experience life and myself within this life.  It is related to depth, values, relationships, heart and overall personal substance.

Many times in my practice I have made the statement that each of us has the answer to every issue, problem, and/or questions that we may have.  We only need to listen to the voice deep within to hear the answer.  So how then can we care for our soul in order to listen and hear the voice within?

The first and most obvious is through organized ritual, which could be in a religious practice.  The symbolism and ritual, if one allows, will bring a person deeper into the soul.  Quiet reflection is another way to move deeper.  Each night reflect upon your activities of the day and ask yourself the who, the what, and the why questions, always digging deeper into the why.  The times of crisis are also a time when we are most human and therefore, we are closer to the soul.  Try to examine those times and again reflect upon the who, the what, and the why.  Be the objective observer to your life and you will come to understand the good and bad, the strengths and weaknesses, the love and hate of self and of others, again, bringing yourself closer to the core of your creation.

Poetry, music, theater, and artwork are all venues that provide a path to the soul.  Caring for the soul is recovering the sacredness of life, yours, and others, and all forms.  When we disrespect the sacredness of another life form, we disrespect our self.  Once we learn to love and accept the strengths and weakness of our self then we can love and respect all life in the same manner.

Caring for the soul and living from the inside out will not guarantee a stress free life, but it will guarantee peace.

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