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Advent Blog Week 3: Joy

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The season passes so fast – it seems as though it just began and already we’re in the homestretch.

Are you feeling the “JOY” yet?

By this time, you’re probably running frantically around trying to finish the shopping, going to parties, cooking and baking.  The anxiety is high, stress is high, and you’re not in the best of moods – Where’s the “JOY” you say.

The “JOY” we celebrate this week is a different kind of joy.  It’s a stable, balanced, all-knowing kind of “JOY”.  Don’t confuse what I’m talking about with happiness.  It’s different.

Happiness is an emotion we feel on occasion when something fun or exciting happens to us.  “JOY” is a deeper feeling than an emotion.  It’s an inner knowing that everything is the way it should be and everything will work out as needed.

With “JOY” we don’t have anxiety, we don’t have any real stress, we have only peace and a smile.

That’s right I said smile.  The “JOY” I’m talking about puts a permanent smile on your face and in your heart.

How do you get this “JOY”?

This “JOY” only comes with a relationship with your Divine Creator.  Now, we are waiting for the birth of Jesus.  He brings us “JOY”.

How do you create this “JOY”?

Ask yourself the following questions – and be honest – this is just for you.

  1. What is your image of God?
    1. The grandfather figure
    2. The Judge – Punisher
    3. The loving friend
    4. Or possibly the energy you feel in life
  2. Who do you pray to? And why?
  3. “A Simple Way to Change Our Image of God

Perhaps the easiest way to change our image of God is to try something

That takes only a minute.

  • Get in touch with the love of god in your heart.
  • Put a smile on your face that matches that love.
  • Smile at a person who loves you and allow that person to smile back at you.

Taking in the smile of someone who loves us is such a simple thing.  Yet,

It can be one of the most healing things in life.  A friend’s smile can

Heal us if we know that God loves us, just for a start, at least as much

as the people who love us the most”

( Taken from “Good Goats – Healing our Image of God” by Dennis, Sheila, and Matthew Linn)

Use this week to reflect on your image of God and how that image hinders or brings “JOY” into your life.

You’re Worth It!

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