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What’s First – Body Mind or Spirit

body mind or spiritHave you ever listened to someone tell you how you should keep house – set up your office – take care of your children – or even become aware – wake up to life?  You know the story.  We’ve all had someone who is more than willing to give “good” advice.  The reason we can’t hear the “good” advice or we discount it is because we are not in a place where we can achieve a “better” way.

So what comes first?  I believe it’s your body.  We have to feel good before we can move into a deeper place. If I’m hurting, or tired all I’m thinking about is what’s hurting or that I’m tired.  I can’t think about my life purpose, or the big why of what I do.

The mind and the body work together.  We have to have the positive thoughts to getting better before we can get better.  However, before we can move beyond the place of “getting better” we have to physically get better.  What we feed our body, through thoughts, through nutrition, through lifestyle is the fuel we have to get through the day, the week, the year.  So the first thing to do is feed the body well.

We can feed and fuel the body well through good nutritional habits, through a lifestyle of movement and through healthy supplements. (For more information on forming new healthy habits and lifestyle you can contact my colleague Angie LeBlanc, Integrative Health Coach, at  For more information on nutritional supplements visit my website at

Once we have a physically healthy body we can turn inward to change our mindset.  Changing our mindset is about first becoming aware of what we do, how our actions affect our lifestyle and relationships with self and others.  It is about learning who we are, what gives us energy, and what takes energy away, beginning to distinguish between the voices in our mind.  Which are the voices of fear and which are the voices of love?  Here we are getting into the more difficult questions, but once answered have a greater return on our investment.  Just as with finances, the more risk we take the greater the investment return.

As we begin asking ourselves the hard questions we begin maneuvering into the Spirit that lives within.  When we get in touch with the Spirit that lives within we find the peace, joy, happiness and contentment for which we’ve been searching.

Here is where we begin to live from the inside out.Living from the inside out

Here is where we can find the answers to all of our life questions by listening to the voice of love and not the voice of fear.

Here is where we become a holistically balanced human and from this point we can begin to contemplate what it means to be:

A Spiritual Being having a human experience.


Take the time to do your own inventory of where you are in body, mind, and spirit – listen to the journey videos on my website ,and then make some decisions about what needs to change.

You’re Worth It!



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