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What’s More Important Ideas or Details? (Discovering Your Preferences Part 2)

details or ideas

Neither is more important, however, we are inclined to one or the other.  We can pay attention to both but it will take less energy to pay attention to our preference between ideas and details.

Each of us has a preference.  My preference is ideas.  If you want ideas, call me.  Yet if you want details and it has to be exact, hire someone else.  Just this morning I was at my desk scheduling posts for social media.  It took all my energy, a bowl of cashews, a hand full of grapes, and finally, I was able to complete the task. 

I can be detail oriented and I feel good once I’ve accomplished the detail task at hand, but I feel like the kids in the “family circus” cartoon as they loop around the neighborhood on their way home from school, everything is a distraction.

The same is true for those of you who are detail oriented and someone asks you to come up with ideas.  You can do it, it just takes a lot of energy and you probably put the task off until the last minute and you have no other choice – or you hire someone else to think of the ideas.

The problem in our life comes with not understanding which is our preference – Am I an idea person or am I a detail person?  Once we know which is our preference then we can compensate for our weak area.  When I can’t hire someone to take care of the details I need to compensate by giving myself a strict deadline and hold myself accountable.  Once the task is done I need to reward myself by taking a break and refueling.  If I try to live without taking a break and refueling I’ll be living out of stress and we all know where stress gets us – dis-ease!

So ask yourself – where are you most comfortable?  In the details or in the ideas?

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