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You’ve maneuvered through your new year resolution and have achieved 30 days of success.  How does it feel?

Was it worth it?

How has this change made your life better?

What have you lost because of this change?

Do you really need whatever you lost?

Have you ever heard the statement, “Life is a journey, not a destination”?

There you have it, you’ve just learned one of the biggest lessons in life, change.  If we are living life then we are constantly changing and this process is constantly in motion in our life.

If we take each change and break it down into mini changes then they are more palatable and achievable.

So, take the time to think it through, make sure the change is from your deepest self, from your Soul and not because someone or society handed you a “should”.

You’re Worth it!

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Take the time to do your own inventory of where you are in body, mind, and spirit – listen to the journey videos on my website ,and then make some decisions about what needs to change.


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