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The Relapse

Over the last 2 weeks we’ve discussed the what, why, and how of new year resolutions.  This means change.  We’ve made a decision to make a difference in our lives and we’ve prepared for the adversity and challenges, we’ve made a plan of action and timeline.  And, now we’re into this change right about 3 weeks and we’re slipping and sliding back into our old habits.  It’s ok!  It’s normal, it happens to the best of us, have patience and reflect on the following to remind yourself of your intentions.

The questions we ask ourselves in the researching and preparation stages of change are crucial and they may look something like these, use these to remind yourself in order to keep going:

  • Why do I want to make this change?
    • Am I doing this for others and/or because society says I need to?
    • Am I doing this because it will add more quality to my life?
    • Is there a Divine or Soulful reason for making this change?
  • How will making this change alter my future?
  • What are the benefits of this change?
  • What will I have to compromise in order to make this change?
  • What will I lose because of this change?
  • How will this change alter the lives of those close to me?
  • How will others try to sabotage my efforts to make this change?
  • How will I try to sabotage my own efforts to make this change?
  • What will I do to combat these saboteurs?

Change is hard and when we can accept this as part of our humanity we can accept our relapses and have the determination to continue in spite of our so-called failures.  We only fail when we don’t learn from the circumstances.  Then these “failures” become learning opportunities.  We have these every day of our lives whether we want them or not.  It is just life.

I leave you with this thought; do the benefits of this change outweigh the pains of change?  Accept your own humanity – there was and is only one person who was perfect, Jesus.  Have patience with yourself.  You’re Worth it!


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