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Workshop Topics

Positive Relationship Essentials

Personality | Behavior | Communication

Learn the basics on how to develop positive relationships. The tools you will acquire include:

  • A deeper understanding of their personality preferences
  • The behavior associated with these preferences
  • The basics of their communication style
  • How and when to change

Prayer and Personality

This workshop is a further enhances lessons learned in Positive Relationship Essentials:

  • Dive deeper into their personality preference
  • Understand how they listen to their inner voice
  • Learn new ways of listening
  • Explore ways to converse with the inner voice

Weaving Your Life Tapestry

Find out how your life experiences shape who you are, how you are influenced and discover your true purpose.

  • Get an in-depth view of the highlights of their life by decade
  • Gain a better understanding of the influencers in their life
  • Begin to unveil their true purpose in life
  • Take home a greater self-awareness


Women: the Games We Play in the Workplace

Learn what drives our behavior in the workplace and how to be more aware of our behavior.

  • Gain an understanding of why women act the way the do in the workplace
  • Become aware of the games and how to play
  • Learn ways to be the game changer
  • How women can empower themselves to play fair

Stress Management Through the Eyes of Marth and Mary

Using the story of Martha and Mary from the Bible participants will look at stress in a new light and leave with a new understanding of what real listening is and how real listening is the key to reducing stress and living from the core. This workshop will bring spirituality into everyday life.

Finding the Hidden Message in your Dream

An Introduction

  • Learn a technique to find the hidden message in your dreams
  • Learn a technique for remembering your dreams
  • Look at dreams from history and the bible to find your messages
  • Experience a dream group

Living From the Inside Out

Determine what really gets you excited and then connects your external world efforts to your inner world dreams.

  • Journey together from the external world to the internal world
  • Find the questions to ask to crack the ego
  • Learn why it’s important to take time for self-reflection
  • Find the Peace associated with living from the inside out