Communication - What We Tell Ourselves

             2  - 60-minute sessions with self-reflection and Group discussion.           24.95

            Include 2 – 30 min spiritual direction sessions                                          38.95


Society dictates our individual belief system, crafts our inner judge and creates emotional drama. Because of these belief systems we have created a fear-based society filled with anger, revenge, addiction, abuse, and injustice. This fear-based society goes against the nature that God created for us. We were made to seek truth, justice, beauty, and perfection.  During this retreat participants will learn how to communicate with their internal dialog and learn how words give you power. 

Exercises in the Retreat will include:

  1. Changing the words that create hate into words that create peace

  2. Learn the truth about assumptions and avoid pitfalls they create

  3. Stop believing the negative voice in your mind

  4. Accept yourself and turn mistakes into learning experiences

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Retreat Listings

I have developed several virtual retreats to help you obtain a peaceful and balanced life.

Transitions - Open Hands - Open Hearts

                        3 – 60 minute sessions with self-reflection and Group discussion

                        Includes 1 - 30 min. session for spiritual direction           57.95


When we have transitions in our life we have to go through a process before we come to the point of acceptance.  Through prayer this retreat will allow time for participants to process through letting go, understanding their relationship with change, and get a glimpse of how-to live-in contentment.

Teresa of Avila's Castle

                        7 – 30 min sessions with self-reflection                          67.95

                        Include spiritual direction session(s) 30 min each           24.95 each


St. Teresa of Avila visioned our Soul as a crystal castle and inside this castle were 7 mansions.  Each mansion tells a story of reclaiming our relationship with our Creator, God.  During this retreat we will journey through the 7 mansions learning more about the person God created, the true self, and letting go of the false self, the self that was domesticated by society.

Balancing What Your Head and Heart are Telling You

                        3 – 60 min session with self-reflection and Group discussion – 1 x per week

                        Includes 1- 30 min spiritual direction session each week (3)                    97.95

In this session we work on internal growth. We tend to fight growth because of mediating factors in our lives. Growth can be a scary thing that we often reject because it can create discomfort. When you learn to navigate through the turmoil and discomfort you can find peace waiting for you. Once you learn to reconcile external distractions with what you internally desire you can discover peace.

The Enneagram 101 - Discovering Self

A 10 - week course – 10 - 60 min sessions with prayer, self-reflection and group discussion.  

                       Maximum group size – 10 participants.                           124.95

                       Include spiritual direction session(s) 30 min each           24.95 each


The Enneagram is a tool for discovering the self, God created.  It guides us along a journey to understanding our thoughts, our behaviors.  The Enneagram tool allows us to dig deep into the core intentions of our behavior and also teaching us how we can change.  


If you’ve asked yourself one of these questions below this retreat may be for you:

  • Life has to have more meaning than this – what is life all about?

  • I feel like I’m fighting with people and I want to stop….but how?

  • I don’t really like who I am.  Can I change?

  • Why was I born?  What am I here for?

  • I like myself and I’m doing a good job, but I want to do better?


The Enneagram is a tool towards self-awareness.  A person typically will maneuver through life unaware of how they are reacting to situations instead of acting by choice to situations.  At some point this individual will experience a situation that opens their eyes, jolts their thinking, cracks their shell and they begin to question life and their part in life.  It is at this point the Enneagram becomes a tool for transformation.  The transformation is about choice.  Once eyes have been opened individuals have the choice to choose how they will act instead of having their instinctual self-react.


When a persons self-awareness deepens we are able to achieve our goals, become the person we want to be, leave a positive legacy with our family, friends, coworkers, community, and the world.  A person can be successful (depending on their meaning of the word) without self-awareness.  However, with self-awareness we are able to achieve a wholistic model of success.  Meaning success in all areas of life. 

Shared Leadership 101 (coming soon)

What is leadership? How does it operate? Why is it needed and why it has the opportunity to bring peace and harmony into our world.

Shared Leadership 102 (coming soon)

Using the Enneagram as a tool we will learn how we operate in the shared leadership model, what challenges us and why and how we need to compensate in order to succeed in the shared leadership model.