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A Peaceful Balanced Life Is Within Reach

I believe we can have a society of peace and harmony and it begins with each of us. My vision is that each of us understand the person we were created to be - the reason and giftedness of each of us and how we bring those gifts to the world.  


Each of us has a purpose - each of us has gifts. Come with me on the journey to uncover your gifts - your purpose - the reason for your creation and find your individual peace so together we can bring that peace and harmony to the world.

Kate Theriot

Leadership Development, Spiritual Director, & Group Facilitator

Are you fulfilled? Are you honoring your true self?

Kate can help lead you through the journey of peace and self-discovery. She works with individuals in the form of one on one guidance and retreats.

She also works with businesses to help discover their company culture through executive coaching, group facilitation, and workshops.

The cornerstone of her development strategies are 5 key areas, Corporate Retreats, Stress Management, Spiritual Development, Leadership Development, and Team Building.

Meditate with Kate

What I Specialize In

The Journey to the Center is discovering your true purpose and finding the peace to embrace the talents God gave you.

“Through working with Kate, my husband and I have both started to work on our individual journeys.  The best though is that we have also met in the middle to work as a married couple on our journey together…..We always leave our session refreshed and open minded.  Kate makes it easy for us to communicate our feelings.  Our marriage has benefited greatly!!!

- Sonny D.

“I especially enjoyed reaching a deeper level of self.” 

- Carol L.

“I want to express my deep gratitude to you for leading the discussion for the last synthesis of the Faith Enrichment Sessions.  To say that you had the toughest job of anyone during the year is an understatement and I could not have asked for a more skillful handling of the situation.  Your ability to relate to the participants aided in alleviating some of the anxiety and frustration that they experienced.  You are gifted in your ability to come into a group and to handle whatever is presented to you.”

- F. Spinella, Ph.D.

“It made me realize that even at an advanced age, there was a process I could use to make the remainder of my life better.”

- Patsy F.

“Kate has a very soothing and comforting manner and voice.  She is very well-versed in the field and has much material to support her teachings.”

- Betty M.

“Many thanks for helping me through this bump in the road.  I see signs and feel good.  You’ve opened up my eyes a bit more and definitely helped me analyze my path towards happiness and self-worth.”  

- Claudia

“This was a wonderful refresher in the life of St. Teresa.  The outer world is so seductive to me that I need to be immersed in quiet time for reflection led by a facilitator as knowledgeable as you!”

- Retreat Guest