5 Steps to Make Change Easier

Do you hear CHANGE, change, or CHAnge?  Our body reacts to this word.  We can cringe and begin to have upset stomach as we feel the anxiety build within, while others get excited because they’re about to embark on something new and still others continue as if nothing was said.  In any case, change is an action word that affects our mind, body, and spirit.

How we react is an important indicator of our personality type and how we act and react in the world.  Most of us fight change.  We don’t like it.  We want things to stay the same.  There are some basics each of us can put into practice to help with our negative reactions to change.

Take a minute now to reflect on how your body reacts to the word “change”.

Then take 5 Steps to make change easier:

1. Get Clear –

Step back and take a look at the real issue surrounding the change. Become Clear about what is really bothering you about the change.

Am I afraid of the change because I don’t understand the situation?

Am I afraid because I’ll have to step into the unknown?

Am I angry because the change affects my persona – how I present myself to the world?

2. Reframe –

Reframe your way of thinking about the situation.  Change your perspective.

Accept that change will happen and agree to move on.

Find the positive aspects of the change – even if they are small and few.

What is my true intention behind this change?

How can I affirm myself during this change?

How can I visualize the positive aspects of the change?

3. Take Action –

Decide Daily to take action in a positive direction.

What one thing can I do today to move through this change positively?

Name the obstacles that may prevent the change and prepare to counter.

4. Go with the Flow –

Allow the change to evolve in its own time – organically.

Name your strengths and small achievements.

Count your victories.

Re-evaluate your resources and prepare for your needs.

5. Success – Transformation!

Enjoy the feeling of success.

The change/transformation is complete and your life is different, better.

Bask in the peace and enjoyment of your success and evolution.

Take a lookback and reflect on what was truth and what was “stinking thinking”.

Learn from your experience.

Change is a part of everyone’s life.  Sometimes we choose the change and sometimes we don’t.  Either way change is hard, scary, and takes time.  Use these five steps to enhance the experience in a positive way and peace & joy will be your reward.

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