Finding Peace in the Midst Chaos

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Welcome to My New Website! We are launching this website in the midst of Covid-19 2020. Along with many other Americans staying at home, I have had the time to reflect and make some new choices in what my life is all about. It has been a chance to revise and renew my decision to live a conscious life.

In the beginning I was dealing with my own health. I began having Covid-19 symptoms after attending a birthday luncheon with high school friends. This was before we knew the virus hit Louisiana. I listened to the list of symptoms on TV and wondered if this is what I had. I wondered how I would manage if the symptoms worsened. I prayed I would be able to call for help if needed. I wondered how I would be able to meet my own needs of food and water. A situation such as this forces a person to look at the most basic needs and the provision for these needs. The next question to answer was exactly who I would call. I came to terms with just who is in my “tribe”. Once these questions were answered to myself, in my own mind, I then began to question my life decisions of the past. These were the hardest to reflect upon.

I went back 20 + years to look at the decisions that brought me to where I am today. I asked myself if I would still make the same decisions today, knowing what I know, in the situation I am in. One by one I went through all of the life changing decisions I made that led me to where I am today. I am happy to report the answers continued to be yes. Yes, I would make the same decision today, no regrets. However, I had to go through a lot of sadness, anger, and questioning. On the other side I found peace, even in the midst of being ill. Even in the midst of the unknown.

Going through this process reminded me it’s all worth it. The uncomfortableness, the confrontation with self, is all worth it because it brings me closer to the person God created and as I get closer to understanding that person, I can see more clearly the love that created that person. I build the relationship with my Creator and here is where I gain my strength, my peace, my joy, my love.

On my new website I have a short video on the path to self-awareness, and I hope you will choose to do your own work, make conscious decisions, begin living a peaceful, joy filled life.

To end this story, there were no available tests for covid-19 when I had the symptoms. When the antibody test was approved I was able to get a test and I tested positive. Eleven others from the luncheon group had symptoms as well, along with some husbands, and one of our friends lost her earthly life. Covid-19 is another one of those mediating factors that plunged me into a new view of life. I am sorry for all who have suffered through this time, for all those who have died and recognize my blessings of all those who have worked tirelessly to bring healing to the world and to all those “in my tribe” as they stand beside me in life.

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