Messy… Impatience… Inadequate Part 2

To clean up the “Messy” we’ll need to take a look at just where we spend our time.  Each of us spends our time on the things that are important to us.  The “messy” comes in when we say family is important, but we’re spending 80 hours a week on our career.  Our words and our actions do not match, and life gets “messy”.  To quote a friend of mine, Mark Maier, from his radio show “Principle Matters” ( we need to look at the 6 “F’s” when trying to bring balance to our lives – Family, Friends, Faith, Finances, Fitness, and Fun.  How are you doing in each of these areas?

Don’t you just loathe the word patience?  When I pray for patience life seems to get more complicated and impatience takes over.  Impatience can be a prison of our own making.  John Paul II stated, “the worst prison in the world is a closed heart”.  When we are impatient we are closing off our heart and are not bringing compassion and empathy into the world. 

Compassion and empathy would be the way of Love. 
Impatience is the way of fear. 

The next time you feel impatient with a situation or another person sit back and take a look at it from the opposite angle, put yourself in the other’s shoes, and see where it takes you.

Behind all fear is an insecurity.  One of those insecurities is inadequacy.  Many times, we feel inadequate because we can’t do it all.  We have this image of how life should look and when it doesn’t, we find ourselves questioning our behavior, skills, etc. 

This questioning brings us to looking at the past and then looking into the future.  This becomes a problem when we spend too much time in either the past or the future.  Living in the past develops a depressed environment and living in the future creates anxiety.   Living in the present moment allows us to have peace.

The answer, I believe, to the question of how to balance career and family is by living in the present.  Yes, we have goals for the future to motivate us, and yes, we need to reflect on the past, so we do not make the same mistakes.  But all we can handle at any one time is what is happening in that moment.  We can learn to appreciate the moment we have and enjoy it to its fullest.  This will bring balance and peace.

Take some time to reflect on your Family and Career.

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