Silencing the Noise Part III

Let’s just recap a bit – during the last 2 posts we spoke about why we need to get rid of the noise, we named the noises and now I’d like to write about the cure for the noise.

We will always have noise. The only time I won’t have noise in my head is when I move into the next life. So I need to find a cure for the noise in order to put it into remission. My noise will occasionally creep back into my life and if I have the cure then I can immediately put it back into remission.

So, what cures the noise?

1. Kindness will cure the noise of Envy. With kindness I take out the competitiveness and I can find satisfaction in the blessings of others and in the blessings I’ve been given.

2. Discipline will cure the noise of Gluttony. Disciplining myself will bring balance to my life and I will find the satisfaction in what I have without the desire to have more. I will then be able to share with others.

3. Charity will cure the noise of Greed. Charity is giving to others and acceptance of self. By practicing charity, I no longer have the need to hold on to things – information – control. I can give it away.

4. Humility will cure the noise of Pride and Vanity. Pride and vanity are emotions of the ego and humility is an emotion of the Soul. True humility allows everyone to be where they are and we are able to find acceptance in the now.

5. Diligence will cure the noise of Sloth and Doubt. By becoming diligent we are able to get out of the rut we’re in and begin to live through God’s will instead of the will of society.

6. Patience will cure the noise of Wrath and Anger. With patience we learn to listen to the other side, to put ourselves in the others shoes and see life from a different perspective. We are not required to agree just to accept that there is another way.

None of these will be overnight fixes and none of these will be easy. Naming the noise and naming the cure is half the battle. Now that you know – you can’t not know – so get busy and begin the journey of the cure. Grab hold of the Peace and Joy God created you to experience.

Begin the Journey – You’re Worth It!

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