Using Imagination as a Vehicle to Self-Reflection. Part 3

I love reading, fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t matter. However, there are times when fiction is what I need. The times we are living in now require I take time to get away and yet, I cannot go anywhere. This is a time for fiction. Reading fiction allows my mind to use its imagination. I imagine the places, the people, the situations in my own mind and I am magically taken away from the reality I am living now.

One of my favorite fiction writers is Francine Rivers. Two of her novels that have taken me away and at the same time taught me lessons are: Redeeming Love and the Atonement Child. Through these novels I can see all sides of the story. As I read the story I can become, in my imagination, each of the characters. I can feel what they feel, or what I imagine they feel. I can behave they way they behave. I can have the experience they are having and experience the situation the same way.

I understand all of what I experience in my imagination is a story of who I am and how I would handle the situation if I were in this same situation. This imagining brings me to a deeper understanding of my bias, the lenses through which I view life.

This imagining allows me to ask myself deep reflective questions and make conscious decisions, decisions made through self-awareness. This imagining has the power to change who I am, what I believe, and why I believe.

We can use this same process with any story – poetry – novel – parable – psalm – history, etc. So now I challenge you to choose one of your favorite writings. Read it, or one section of it, once and imagine you as one of the characters. How do you feel? What are you thinking? Would you behave in the same manner? Why or Why not? Is this a new way of looking at the situation for you? How are you changed because of this imagining?

Now read it again and imagine yourself as one of the other characters and ask yourself the same questions.

We all want to be the heroine or hero of the story and we would like to think of our self as the “Robin Hood” of the day, however, is that reality? How differently do you feel when you take on the character of the heroine/hero versus the adversary?

Now bring this information into prayer with your Creator asking the question, how am I being called to change? Sit still and listen – the answers are there for you.

Take some time to read a short story and use your imagination to learn more about who you are and always remember...

You’re Worth it!

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