Mindmapping Your Life Tapestry will will help you discover your gifts, for example- today you may be a nurse, but your gift is that of compassion, understanding, and kindness, and through the decades you can see how these “gifts” were always working in your life.


You are going to ask and seek answers to:

What are some of the common factors?

How these factors have affected your life?

Can you see how your life has been preparing you for your life’s work?

What gifts run throughout your life?

How have these gifts played out in your life to date?

How have you denied these gifts throughout the years? And, why?


This retreat contains worksheets that will have the explanations for each stage and a list of the questions. As you go through the process for each decade pay attention for those “A-ha” moments. It might help to think of this as a game – sometimes we have to fool ourselves into investigating and reflecting. Just take the time – You’re worth it!

Mindmapping Your LifeTapestry